4 Ways To Ruin Coffee


coffeeDo you remember the first time when you tasted coffee? And not the milky, sweet drink that children are sometimes offered to try, I am talking about real, strong black coffee. Did you like its bitter bite and strong aroma?

I remember my first coffee sip, the thick froth of the freshly made coffee and it’s deep, bitter taste. I was probably 14, or around that age. My parents always drank their coffee solo, without any milk/sugar and brewed the traditional Serbian way which left the coffee grinds sit at the bottom of the cup. I don’t remember if I liked it because I wanted to like it and be a grown up already, or because I really enjoyed it, but I soon started drinking it regularly. And I still do. But now I do know that I really like it.

Since then, my coffee-drinking repertoire has expanded and now I also like coffees brewed in other ways. But, essentially I like the taste and aroma of coffee, which is why anything that is added to it isn’t really coffee, but a coffee-based drink, for me.

I know that, in the world of Instagram and all the social media. my opinion will be unpopular, but popularity is not my goal. Honesty is. And I honestly think that such simple pleasures as coffee, are very easy to ruin, despite their simplicity.

So, if you want to ruin coffee, here’s what you should do:

  1. Start putting more than just milk/sugar in it. The moment you start adding flavors and aromas it stops being coffee and becomes a coffee-based dessert.
  2. Have an argument while drinking coffee. That will ruin even the best brewed espresso with the best cream on top. And even if the topic is important, even if you are actually winning the argument: The coffee is ruined.
  3. Use cold milk. Dilute the steamy goodness with cold, and you will feel the rich smell of the coffee is gone.
  4. Use fat free milk. It’s like diluting your favorite drink with white water. Who in their right mind does that!?

And why am I saying this? Just like everything else in the modern world, even the simple pleasure of coffee has potential to become less simple. I have nothing against

Are you a coffee fan? If you are, what ruins it for you?

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7 thoughts on “4 Ways To Ruin Coffee

  1. I make lattes, with flavoring. I have had my share of black coffee, and it is simply too bitter to enjoy. But I don’t add so much so as to totally obscure the coffee flavor. I like using almond milk in my lattes the best. The nuttiness counters the white chocolate I add. Most commercial coffee shops use so much syrup and milk, you can’t taste the coffee. If I am enjoying a late night out with friends talking, I will have no latte, but but will still add 1 cream and 2 sugars. As long as it isn’t burnt, I am happy.

  2. Coffee that is not hot enough ruins it for me. Often home-brewers simply don’t get hot enough to bring out all the textures and flavors of a good cup. I use a French press or a simple metal Vietnamese brewer to make the best cup for my tastes.

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