8 Reasons Why Radio is Great

radioCall me old-fashioned, but I love radio. Even though I mostly listen to it only in the car nowadays, I wouldn’t replace it for a playlist made of my favorite songs off an mp3 player, ever.

Here are 8 reasons why I think radio is great:

  1. It is much less invasive than television. Unlike television, that requires you to be passive and completely focus, you can listen to the radio while doing other things. It adds something to your time, it doesn’t steal it.
  2. Radio is often our first touch with another culture. Next time you land in a new place and hail a cab, pay attention to what the taxi drive is listening to. Most often it is the local radio station. When I hear the melody of the new language, the energy of the local radio commercials and the most popular local music I know that I have arrived somewhere new.
  3. Radio has a much tougher task in keeping our attention. There are no visually appealing cues that would keep us glued to the gadget. It only relies on the words, music and sounds to keep us entertained, informed and amused.
  4. If you like music that is not the mainstream pop, radio offers a variety of programs for many of the different genres. Of course there are radio stations that have a defined music genre they play exclusively, but most national frequencies have a wide spectrum of programs that cater to different music tastes. It’s a great window to find new favorites.
  5.  In the modern world where appearance is everything, it is refreshing to focus only on the content instead of the package. The radio hosts have to rely on knowledge, wisdom, wit and sense of humor to keep their listeners. We don’t know what they look like and that is great.
  6. When we are listening to the news on the radio, the lack of visuals makes us focus more on the message that we hear. The manipulative power of imagery is completely missing.
  7. Listening to a good sports event broadcast on the radio is one of the most thrilling experiences. It combines the power of language, the skill of the journalist to transmit the atmosphere of the event and emotion to the listeners and the listeners’ ability to connect to the speaker.  It is human connection at its best.
  8. And who doesn’t like the instant mood boost, when your favorite song is played on the radio? Whether you are in a car, or in a shop, it always makes you smile, or dance, if you are brave.

In the world increasingly more populated with all kinds of audio-visual noise I hope that the familiar crackling of the good old radio will never cease to make me smile.

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7 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Radio is Great

  1. As a radio guy, it is always nice to hear when someone understands the medium’s power. If I could add to your list with what I think is perhaps the most important facet of radio: it is local. Want to know the weather, what the road conditions are, what time it is and what interests your neighbors, just turn on the radio.

  2. I still love local radio. There’s something to be said for hearing the same DJ on my local Classic Rock station for the last 20 years. Classic Rock surely changed, but my DJ has not.

  3. I prefer radio too…actually I no longer have television. When I moved back to my home province after 13 years, I turned on the local talk radio to learn more what was going on in Montreal and another channel in French…that way I got a pulse of the area, politics, local and provincial. Great post! I also have favs in music radio.

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