blogI started the Disorganisation Guru blog around 2 years ago as a spontaneous response to the pressure that the current world puts on everyone, particularly women. In the ever more demanding environment, that asks us to have perfect careers, families and personal lives, I wanted to approach the everyday topics such as cleaning, cooking and parenting with some humor. In the meantime the space I created became filled with not just Disorganization tutorials, but also with some of my thoughts on contemporary life. In the Disorganisation tutorials section of the blog the disorganisation guru comes alive; I share some “life hacks” from a humorous and counter-intuitive perspective. Musings are my personal opinions on topics that preoccupy the mind of this  middle aged working mother of two. There is also a bit of Travel and Parenting writing on the blog. I am not sure what the blog will grow into (or not grow into) in the next 2 years, but if I did, this wouldn’t be a blog about disorganization.

The posts on the disorganisation guru blog are written by me, Ana, but I would be happy to host guest bloggers of similar inclinations. You can reach me at ana@disorganisationguru.com.

Stay sane and keep a bit of mess in your life, it’s healthy.



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      1. Thank you for your kind words and for visiting my little place on here. I am glad that you like it. I feel that being authentic and not succumbing to all the pressures we are exposed to is something that we need to teach our children. And what better way than trying to do it by our own example, no?
        I am looking forward to reading your posts, I’ll be visiting you in future!

  1. Hello! I popped over to say thanks for following my blog today and got sucked right in to some of your posts! I love your About page too…..not many people would admit to wanting to teach people how to enjoy NOT being organized! Am very glad to meet you!

  2. As a fellow organizational nerd or obsessive, sometimes, I loved your about page. Funny and intriguing. Thank you for stopping by the Cow Pasture. I’m glad you liked it well enough to jump the fence, welcome.

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