Confessions of a Disorganized Mom

It is difficult to be a parent In this era of social media, where everybody is striving to broadcast the best version of themselves. It is even more difficult if you are disorganized mom. I know that what I’m about to write will expose me to a lot of judging, but I am going to confess anyway. So, here it is:

I don’t put enough effort into teaching my kids how to be tidy, so they often spend time looking for a pencil and eraser to be able to do their homework. In general their room is a mess 80% of the time.

SpagettiI sometimes forget when my kids have extra activities at school, such as swimming pool visit, or need to bring extra materials.

I don’t always remind my kids to brush their teeth.

Around 40% of the time I don’t check what clothes my son has put on for school.

My kids’ clothes are often stained, and I have long-lost the war against the dirt on the shoes.

Between the four of us we have exactly 6 pairs of matching socks (I don’t count the black socks that my husband uses, they all seem to match, because they’re all the same).

Around 40% of the time my kids eat bread and butter and milk when they want a snack.

Half of the time my daughter’s beautiful hair is unbrushed.

We don’t play board games much, because most of the sets have either cards or playing tokens missing. The average duration of a complete set is 10 days maximum.

The list goes on, and I must say that I already feel so bad that I can’t continue. It’s not that I don’t want to do all these things. Well, sometimes I don’t, but most of the time it just happens.

What I never fail to do is to try to listen to what my children want to tell me. To hear their fears, joys, desires and dreams. And that is one of the things that is visible on them.

During the New Year’s party my son decided to perform a few “magic tricks”. Everybody enjoyed his spontaneity and openness. He was confident and had a great time, even though most people were strangers to him. My daughter and her friend also had an impromptu performance of rhythmic skills with mugs. After they were finished my husband and I got the best compliment we’ve ever received as parents: that our kids were friendly, open and confident. Nobody noticed the unbrushed hair and not matching socks, even though this disorganized mom thought that it was the only thing that people would focus on. We must be doing something right, after all.

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26 thoughts on “Confessions of a Disorganized Mom

    1. I guess it is hard not to feel the peer pressure nowadays, with all the “perfection” we are exposed to. I am just trying to raise non-toxic people. Thank you for following too!

      1. I know that feeling. I thought I would be super mom and sometimes I still have to borrow a pair of good socks from someone else. I had to smile at that part. Take care πŸ™‚

  1. We are much harder on ourselves than others are – the reality is that most people don’t notice the mismatched socks, or messy rooms nearly as much as they notice friendly, well-loved kiddos.

  2. Loved this! We have four children, and you just can’t always be organized. I was a “neat freak” before kids, and I still am inside… but I had to just let it go. It’s okay, life doesn’t stop when you can’t find a pencil or when their socks don’t match. In fact, they seem to love the flow of life better that way. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for reading. I think the pressure to be neat is not just external, somehow we also impose it on ourselves too.
      Wow – four chidlren! I bet your household is a lot of fun!

      1. We do, and I say that I need to get a, b, c, and on done… when really, most things would be okay to wait.

        And yes, fun and chaotic. πŸ™‚ And generally all-over-the-place.

  3. Love this post. And you know what? Your kids are going to learn to think and plan for themselves and stand on their own two feet in addition to being the confident happy kids they already are. So just keep on doing what you’re doing!

  4. I think people use social medias either to amplify their good traits or bad. I know the places I’ve hung around are full of self-flagellation. People just pour out everything they think is wrong with them, hoping someone could tell them whether they’re delusional or is there a real problem.

    Anyway, what’s a stained shirt compared to a personality? You can have tidy kids all you want, but if they end up either as assholes or neurotic self-harmers you failed as a parent. If your kids feel comfortable performing in front of strangers without shame, you’re doing it right.

  5. I can’t tell you enough how refreshing it is to come to a blog and see a mom who’s just up front and honest. As you were saying, it’s very hard in our social media age because there’s so much to compare ourselves too. I’m kind of disorganized too. I have a routine but no schedule. Thanks for the post.

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