Midlife Joys – my new joy

I’ve noticed that I frequently think and write about generations, aging and how it affects me personally as well as how it is perceived and handled in our society.

So, I started writing about it. In the beginning, the writing was just my thoughts about how aging is affecting me and how I am transitioning into being a middle-aged lady, but then I realized that I want to make it broader and more general.

Bit by bit, my writing turned from a very personal set of notes into a set of articles and now they live on Midlife Joys. It is still a modest collection and I do hope to have other people’s voices on it, but it is a start. Unlike professional bloggers, who can produce a lot in a short time and get very popular, I am slow and very probably quite inefficient (disorganisation guru is not accidental), but I will continue writing it as long as I feel the need to share a positive outlook on aging.

This does not mean that I am abandoning the Disorganisation Guru – one can’t run away from one’s nature, it only means that my  limited writing talent and time will be split between the two.

Cheers and I do hope you check Midlife Joys out!

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