The Force Awakens – It’s GOOD (no spoilers)


If you are thinking of whether to go and see the film or not, my advice is: go. For both hard-core fans and just accidental movie theater goers the film provides a couple of hours of great fun.

I went with the whole family and both the children and the adults loved it – which is a difficult  achievement, as anyone who has children will understand. Particularly if there is that much expectation for the film to restore the much-loved franchise to its former glory.

What I wanted from the new Star Wars film is to experience the same thrill of the old saga. I wanted to be transported to that galaxy, far, far away, and to be entertained and surprised. And the film delivered. Not only that: it had the right balance of old and new, humor and seriousness, battle and calm, shock and familiarity. It left me hungry for more and waiting to see what happens after. Because the force has definitely awakened.

I left the theater smiling and I still am. What more can you expect from a film?

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